CT Driving School Services

We are proud to offer State Certified virtual classroom programs, private driving lessons and license testing services across the State of Connecticut. Our outstanding instruction team will work with you to learn all you need to know for a safe lifetime behind the wheel.

In The Classroom

Comprehensive Curriculum, Delivery That Wows.
Whether you decide to take our 8 Hour Safe Driving Course or our 30 Hour Full Driver Education Program, our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to delivering engaging and effective driver education programs that empower our students with the skills and knowledge they need to become safe and confident drivers. We take pride in our students’ success and are passionate about helping them achieve their goals. With all classes taught virtually on Zoom, you can take your classes when it works for you

On the Road

Private Driving Lessons with a Professional Driving Instructor

The Next Street driving lessons are 2-hour appointments where the student is in the driver’s seat and a highly trained instructor is in the passenger seat.  Our instructors are not only trained in working with new drivers, but also on how to create a safe environment in the car. We run on empathy, humanity and compassion and will treat each student as an individual.  The lessons are all done in one of our dual-controlled cars, boasting 5-star safety ratings and monitored by GPS for speed and location. Driving lessons can be scheduled at any of our locations.

License Testing Services

Test at The Next Street and avoid the DMV!

You’ve put a lot of hard work into learning how to drive and now it’s time to take your license test. The Next Street makes it easy by giving you options to make your testing day more convenient and less stressful. We offer on-site license testing where can you test in our cars, at one of our familiar locations, or we can meet you at the DMV with a vehicle guaranteed to pass the inspection.