Driving Lessons in Connecticut

The Next Street driving lessons are 2-hour appointments where the student is in the driver’s seat and a highly trained instructor is in the passenger seat. The lessons are all done in one of our dual-controlled cars. Driving lessons are customized to meet the individual student’s skill and comfort level. Skills covered may include parking maneuvers, highway driving, city driving, defensive driving techniques, road scanning, or whatever specific skill The Next Street driving instructor or the student feels they need more work on. We will challenge the students’ abilities so that they are comfortable and confident when they get behind the wheel on their own. Driving lessons can be scheduled at any of our locations.

Understanding Your Options

Driving lessons can be bundled with our classroom products for discounted rates or purchased individually. We recommend 8 hours of driving lessons for most new drivers, however students master driving skills at varying rates. Additional lessons can be purchased at any time. 

Lessons can be purchased in any quantity from 2 hours to 40 hours of time, with price discounts available depending on how many hours you purchase. In order to get the most out of our time together, all lessons are completed in 2-hour blocks.

In addition to our traditional driving lessons, we offer a specific Mock License Test Lesson – This 2 hour lesson will focus on preparing you to pass your license test. We will perform multiple mock tests on a used testing route to evaluate your performance. Following each test, we will work on the areas that show concern. Students can purchase this additional lesson at anytime in the student portal. 

On The Road:

The Connecticut DMV requires new teen drivers (16-17 years old) to complete 40 hours of driving practice with a trainer. This can be anyone with a U.S. license for at least 4 years and no suspensions. Time spent with The Next Street counts toward these 40 hours. For example, if you take our Full Driver Education Course with 8 hours of driving, you’ll need to complete 32 more hours on your own. Students must bring their permit/license, glasses or contacts, and closed-toe and heel shoes to every lesson. Missing any of these items may result in a shorter lesson or cancelation, plus a fee.
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Connecticut Upcoming Course Schedule

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Driving Lesson Schedules displayed here are not a guarantee of availability after enrollment, as students are booking in real time. We add new lesson inventory every week.

Current Students can see live schedule availability and book lessons by logging in to the Student Portal. 

Convenient locations to schedule your license test

We offer license test appointments at our convenient locations across the State of Connecticut. Tests run every 15 minutes between 8am and 1pm. The available schedules listed here are not a guarantee of availability, sign up and login to the Student Portal to see live availability and book your license test appointments. 

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The Road to Success

Understanding Connecticut’s Driving Lesson Requirements
The Connecticut DMV requires new teen drivers (16 and 17 years old) to record 40 hours of time driving practice with a trainer. This time can be done with any person that has held their license in the US for at least 4 years with no suspensions as your trainer.  Any lesson time done with The Next Street counts towards the 40 hours. As an example, if you register for the Full Driver Education Course that comes with 8 hours of driving, 32 hours would have to be completed on your own time for a total of 40 hours.