The Student Portal is now open for self-service for all tests, lessons and classes. We are actively working to add more availability for classes, lessons and tests. Currently, there is a 2-3 month wait for lessons and driving tests.

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We Are Open During Covid-19, but Need Your Help to Keep Our Staff and Students Health & Safe.

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Download Your Free Permit Prep eBook

Getting your license is a big deal. It doesn't need to be a big hassle. The first step to getting your CT License is getting your learner's permit. Though driving school will help you ace your test, you don't have to wait to take class to schedule and prepare for your test. We put together a simple (and free!) eBook that will walk you through each step of getting your Learner's Permit.

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Download Your Free Permit Prep eBook

Free Parent's Guide eBook

Parenting a teen isn't easy. Parenting a teen driver is no exception, but is perhaps the most important thing you have to do as a parent. We wrote this (free!) eBook to help parents set their house rules, talk to their kids about driving, and walk you through the licensing process. Find the easiest road to helping your teen get their license. Just one more way we make getting your teen on the road easy and stress free.

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Free Parents Guide eBook