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The Next Street offers driving evaluations for elderly drivers and people with medical challenges.

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You’ve put a lot of hard work into learning how to drive, and now it’s time for “The Big Test.” This can be a pretty stressful time, so The Next Street gives you several options that will make your testing day easier and more convenient. You’re almost there, and with The Next Street, we’ll get through the Driver’s License Test together.

You Test at The Next Street

We Take You to the DMV

We Meet You at the DMV


Here are the four options you have on the day of your Driver’s License Test. You decide which makes things easiest for you. After all, this is your ticket to freedom.

**Please Note** Due to DMV Regulations, any student that chooses to test in our car, whether at our location or at DMV, must take at least 2 Hours of Private Driving Lessons with us prior to testing.