We are currently scheduling driving lesson appointments out 8-10 weeks in many locations. We apologize for the delay and are working hard to continue to onboard more outstanding staff members. We will continue to work to reduce this wait time as new staff members come on board. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Part of what makes The Next Street the Best Driving School in Connecticut is our accessibility and availability of lessons and classes across the State. In addition to services for new drivers, The Next Street also offers a variety of training and testing programs for drivers who already have their licenses. With a multitude of scheduling options, and a dedicated team to answer your questions, we can get you on the road to your license better than any other driving school in CT.

Note: All classes are held virtually on Zoom.

Please Note: We are currently booking out 8-12 weeks for driving lessons. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We are working quickly to resolve this issue.