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Driver's Ed for Boarding School Students

The life of a boarding school student is complex. However, these complexities shouldn't stop you from getting your license or force you to wait until summer break to take driver's ed. We work with a number of Connecticut's boarding schools to offer driver's education on campus and help students from any State or Country to get their Connecticut driver's license.

Boarding School classes are held on campus on Sundays (except at Miss Porter's School, where they are held as an after school activity during the week). Driving Lessons are also completed on Sundays, or at other times during the week if the student's schedule allows it. If you are local during boarding school breaks, we can complete driving lessons at any of our Connecticut locations, and often have availability while the Public Schools are still in session.

We have a Boarding School specialist on staff that works exclusively with our students to work through the complexities of getting licensed in Connecticut. She will help you with everything from scheduling to paperwork to working with the DMV. We go to great lengths to make sure that the entire process is smooth and never takes away from the full schedule of academic and extracurricular requirements. Simply put, our program is the easiest way for a Boarding School student to obtain their driver's license.

PLEASE NOTE: This course fulfills the requirement for a CT Driver’s License only. If necessary, please consult your local DMV for laws about transferring a CT license to your State.

Permit Checklist

Out of State Students

Boarding Students from outside of Connecticut are eligible to obtain a Connecticut driver's license using their address at school. Once licensed, you can maintain your CT license, or change it when you return to your home state.

Our classroom hours will only be counted towards Connecticut driver's ed requirements. If you have your permit in your home state, you must fulfill your driver's ed requirements in that state. However, you may take driving lessons with us using your out of state permit.

International Students

Students from outside of the United States are eligible for a Connecticut driver's license using their address at school. There are some intricate paperwork requirements, but we are able to assist students from outside of the United States with this. For more information, check out our blog entry on International Licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to all of your questions about our boarding school program, as well as what it takes to get your CT License, regardless of your state or country of origin. Click Here for Answers.