Watertown Classroom and HQ

Wow, we love Watertown. We love it so much, we decided to have two locations in town. Confusing, we know. So let's try to un-confuse.

Our Company Headquarters is in Watertown. This means our call center, marketing team, leadership team, and a few other stragglers that show up every day even though they don't get a paycheck, all work at 76 Westbury Park Rd, inside the Siemon Building. This is also where you will go to take your license test with us.

Just down the street, at 680 Main Street, is our classroom location. This is where all of the Classes and Driving Lessons take place.

Come to the HQ For:

  • All License Tests scheduled for Watertown
  • To Pickup Your CS-1, if instructed to do so by The Next Street Staff
  • To Pay Your Bill, if instructed by The Next Street Staff
  • To hangout in our awesome, puppy friendly office (grab a free Keurig Coffee or Tea while you're there)

Come to Our Classroom For:

  • All classes scheduled in Watertown
  • All driving lessons scheduled for Watertown

And if you still aren't sure, just call us! We'll be happy to point you in the right direction. (860) 631-4292