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Pass Your CT DMV Learner's Permit Test the First Time

The Connecticut Learner's Permit Exam is a 25 question multiple choice test. The test is not timed, so take your time. Read each question and each answer before you select. The wording of the test questions and answers can be tricky, so it is important to go slow and think. In order to pass, you must get no more than 4 wrong.

The practice test, below, will give you 25 new questions each time you take it, for free! We recommend taking the test multiple times, even if you pass the first time or two. This will not only help boost your confidence, it will prepare you to pass the real test on the first try. Enjoy!

We also hope that you will consider us for your driver's ed needs when the time comes. We have:

  • The most flexible schedules. Start class at any time, take class in any order, at any location
  • Affordable prices and flexible payment plans
  • Fanatic Customer Service.

But enough about us, let's get you a permit. Good luck!

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CT Learner's Permit Practice Test

Need Some Extra Help?

Download our free Permit Prep eBook and get all of the information you need to pass your test on the first try. Our eBook not only will help you pass the test, but will also go through the paperwork requirements, how to schedule your test and much more. Don't wait, download now!