Supply Update: We have select lesson slots available as early as this week. Peak time lessons are still booking out 6-8 weeks in select locations. We are continuing to add staff that meet and exceed our high standards of service and education and hope to be fully staffed by year end. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


As a minimum, Connecticut requires all new teen drivers to complete an 8 Hour Safe Driving Course in order to obtain a driver’s license. From having trained over 150,000 CT New Drivers, The Next Street recommends a Full Driver’s Education Bundle, which includes 30 hours of classroom training and 8 hours of private behind the wheel lessons. All of our classes are held with a live virtual instructor on Zoom, and we have the most class offerings in the State of CT. Regardless of the driver’s ed class you want to take, our top rated, full service Customer Happiness Team – the only driving school to have one in CT – is here to guide you through the entire driver's licensing process. The Next Street: The easiest road to your license.

Important Note: By CT law, students under 18 can only attend ONE class on school days and TWO classes on non-school days.


The Next Street offers the best driver’s ed programs in CT for teens. We believe in making the licensing process easy, so here are some bullets on your options for driving school classes:

8 Hour Safe Driving Course

  • The minimum class requirement for new drivers in Connecticut.
  • All classes are held virtually via Zoom.
  • New classes start almost every day. Classes can be taken in any order at any day or time that they are held.
  • The fastest driver’s education course available, can be completed in two 4-hour sessions or four 2-hour sessions.
  • Most insurance carriers do not offer a discount for completion of this course.
  • Includes all state requirements, including the Parent Class and Drug & Alcohol Class. This course will also cover the basic rules of the road.

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Full Driver’s Education Bundle **OUR RECOMMENDATION**

  • The most advanced and thorough driver’s ed class available.
  • All classes are held virtually via Zoom. We offer over multiple sessions every day!
  • Finish as fast as you can, or take your time. Classes can be taken in any order at any time they are offered, and they never expire!
  • Course takes 8 weeks to finish during the school year. In the summer months, we have 2-week accelerated options.
  • Some insurance carriers offer discounts up to 20% until you are 25 years old. Be sure to check with your insurance provider first if this is the deciding factor between courses for you.
  • This course includes all of the state requirements, including the Parent Class and Drug & Alcohol Class. This course also covers everything that a driver will encounter on the road including laws, markings, signs, maneuvers, emergency situations, highway driving and much more.
  • In addition to the classroom time, this course includes 8 Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons.
  • In order to be eligible to test in 120 days, you must complete at least all classroom training.

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Behind-The-Wheel Lessons

  • Sold in 2 hour packages or as part of the Full Driver’s Education Course.
  • Lessons are completed in our dual-controlled driver's ed specific vehicles.
  • Driving Lessons are always one-on-one with our professional (and awesome) instruction staff.
  • Lessons are available 7 days per week from 8am – 9pm. Pick ups and drop offs are at our TNS locations or high school partner locations.

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Price $139 As Low as $679
Benefits Minimum State Requirement Our recommendation for all new drivers
Overview Fast, Inexpensive, Introductory Thorough, Advanced, Worth It
Fulfills State Requirements
Classroom Hours 8 30
Included Behind the Wheel Lessons None 8 Hours
Insurance Discount None Some insurance carriers offer up to 20% Until You Turn 25 Years Old-
Check with your insurance provider first if this
is a deciding factor in your course selection
Completion TimeAs fast as 2 days for Teens 8 Weeks during school year, 2 weeks in summer
Teens Must Hold Permit For 180 Days 120 Days