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You don’t need to read much more on this page than the following: The Next Street graduates receive a free VIP Insurance Consultation with Smith Brothers Insurance. The free consultation for new drivers comes from a partnership between The Next Street and Smith Brothers Insurance – and it’s one more tool to make getting your Driver’s License easier here. Go ahead, find the insurance solution that's right for you and your family by going with The Next Street on the easiest road to your license.


If you are interested in receiving a free VIP Insurance Consultation your family's insurance needs, fill out this form. The Next Street's Smith Brothers Insurance Representative will reach out within one business day.

Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements

  • CT State Insurance Requirements are 25/50/25.
  • 25 represents $25,000 maximum of bodily injury per individual.
  • 50 represents $50,000 maximum of bodily injury per incident.
  • 25 represents $25,000 maximum for property damage per incident.
  • 25/50/25 coverage is the minimum amount of auto insurance coverage you can have in CT.

Auto Insurance Coverage Recommendations

  • The Next Street recommends getting more auto insurance coverage than the minimum State of Connecticut requirement; the amount is dependent on your specific situation.
  • When determining your coverage needs, consider the assets you are protecting and your liability exposure (For example, the more drivers you have in your household, the higher your liability exposure).
  • A needs evaluation is a good first step to determining the appropriate coverage for your particular household and getting a tailored auto insurance policy.
  • To set up your free VIP Insurance Consultation, contact Taunya Bird at 860.430.3345 or send her an email at tbird@smithbrothersusa.com.