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The Next Street Avon Driving School

395 West Avon Rd.
Avon, CT 06001
Call: 860.321.2222

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During Covid-19, all classes are being held on Zoom. The location that you enroll in does not matter, you may choose any class schedule that works for you and can take lessons at any nearby location. Click here to see all of our available classes.

Courses Offered

8 Hour Safe Driving Course $119

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, this classroom work will be taught remotely on Zoom. Fastest driver’s ed course in Avon! This course is an 8 hour basic overview of safe driving skills. It will fulfill your obligation to the State of CT in order to get a Driver's License. This course DOES NOT include any private driving lessons, but they can be added at time of enrollment.

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Full Driver Education Course $599

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, this classroom work will be taught remotely on Zoom. *Our Recommendation* Best value in Avon! This course includes 30 hours of time in the classroom and 8 hours of private driving lessons, which can be scheduled at any of our classroom locations or at any of our partnering high schools. In addition to fulfilling all CT state driver's ed requirements, after completing the course teen students will have a shorter wait time for their license and most insurance providers will offer a discounted rate. Weekday evening and weekend classes available now in Avon! Enroll any time, take class in any order, whenever works for you.

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Available Upgrades

With 8 Hour Safe Driving Course

Permit Testing Services

One on One Permit Prep Tutoring: $200

Private Driving Lessons

Driving Test Prep Lesson and Mock Driving Test: $205
2 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $205
4 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $410
8 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $520

License Testing Services

License Test at The Next Street: $129
License Test at the DMV (meet us there): $199
License Test at the DMV (home pickup/dropoff): $259

8 Hour Students must complete a minimum of 2 hours of driving lessons with us in order to take advantage of any of our License Testing Products

With Full Driver

Permit Testing Services

One on One Permit Prep Tutoring: $200

Private Driving Lessons

Driving Test Prep Lesson and Mock Test: $160
2 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $160
12 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $980
32 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $2,620

License Testing Services

License Test at The Next Street: $129
License Test at the DMV (meet us there): $199
License Test at the DMV (home pickup/dropoff): $259

Upcoming Course Schedule

We have the most course offerings in Connecticut, with over sixty new classes starting each month. And with The Next Street, if you miss a class, you can make it up any time at any of our 70+ locations.

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The Easiest Road to Your License Starts Here.

We know what our customers care about, so we focus on being the best in the driver’s ed industry at those things. And we are locally owned and operated, so you can trust that we care about you. If you’re researching the right driving school for you, you found it here. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!


  • "Easy and Enjoyable!"

    The Next Street made my drivers education experience not only easy but enjoyable. My instructor Kevin Wilson has a great personality and taught us everything we needed to know while making the classes fun. I would recommend the Next Street to anyone.

    - - April 27, 2017

  • "Convenient Locations and Class Times"

    Driver's Ed is a very helpful program in preparing for my license. It reviews prior knowledge about the road while also introducing new laws and information I was previously unaware of. My program at Wolcott High School is convenient because of its location and timing directly after school.

    - - May 02, 2017

  • "A Very Fun Learning Experience"

    The Next Street was a very fun learning experience for me Kevin taught us the book smarts of learning how to drive, and what to do in an emergency, and that's why I love The Next Street. . It was recommended to me by many friends. 10/10 would recommend.

    - - April 27, 2017

  • "Kevin Wilson is the best teacher ever!!"

    Kevin Wilson is the best teacher ever!! Super nice, makes your class time fun and exciting!! Highly recommend taking the class with kev! Makes boring classes fun!!

    - - April 05, 2017

Map & Directions

Conveniently located at the intersection of Route 167 and Country Club Road.

Find yourself on the easiest road to your license. The Next Street is the only driving school in the Avon area that makes learning to drive an easy and worthwhile experience. Sure, anyone can teach you how to drive - but no one can do it like us. How? We know you just want your license, so our team makes things clear and simple - because the quickest road to get you anywhere is straight forward.

Our convenient Avon CT classroom is in the same plaza as Luke's Donuts, across the street from Avon High School. We are only minutes from Farmington, Canton, Burlington and West Hartford

Driving Student Testimonials

"Mr. Binghi makes class fun"

5/5 Stars

Teacher is a great guy. Quite comical. Mr. Binghi makes class fun. Every time I step out of the building, my heart aches for 9:00 AM Saturday morning, when I can walk back through the doors to another session of drivers ed. Without The Next Street Avon, I don't know where I would be in life.

"I have learned a lot from them"

5/5 Stars

The driving school in Avon is very helpful and instructive. I have learned a lot from them. (Mr. Binghi is a great teacher!!!!)

"The school is very professional"

5/5 Stars

The school is very professional. From my first phone conversation, to in person interactions with staff, the driving instructor (Brittany) everyone was so nice, polite and friendly. It helped so much, these kids come in scared, it's a big deal to them, but even bigger to us moms. On the day of the driving test we were asked to come in a bit earlier prior to the test, turned out one of the employees was giving my daughter a calm or "chill out moment". He said don't worry you got this, just follow the rules, watch your speed, he comforted her, cheered her and gave a a high five before she walked away. She passed!!!! But, even if she failed I still would recommend this school to everyone.

"My next street experience was interesting"

4/5 Stars

My next street experience was interesting was very interesting.

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Driving Lessons in Avon CT

When you take your driving lessons at our Avon Driving School Location, at the corner of West Avon Rd and Country Club Rd, you will reap the benefits of some of the finest instructional staff in the state of Connecticut, proudly serving the greater Hartford area.

Lessons 1 & 2

During lessons 1 and 2, we teach our students the basics of turning maneuvers and lane tracking followed by safe and efficient left and right turns. From there, you will learn the K-turn/3-point turn, and then on to the often misunderstood world of “parking”. You will learn how to pull-in to a space on the left and right, back in to one the left and right, and how to parallel park. Our educators are trained to teach highly effective methods for each so that the student can quickly advance to learn blind spot checks and then move on to lane changes on Route 44, in preparation for a wonderful highway learning experience on Route 8. Beginning from Hopmeadow Street and Route 44, students will drive on Route 44 towards Canton and in the process, they will have had a chance to complete a minimum of 5 lane changes, or more if traffic conditions allow.

Lesson 3

If the student is proficient in the basics, for their third lesson they will head up to Winsted where they will begin their highway lesson on Route 8.The drive south will usually take them to Harwinton, which will allow for a minimum of 3 highway merges before turning around and heading back north to Winsted. Here we will continue to work on lane changes, but this time the speeds on the highway will range from 55-60 mph. Although the speed limit is 65, we believe it is best to introduce these skills gradually and at speeds more conducive to the student’s comfort level. This allows for a greater opportunity to build on their confidence level. When we ask the student to complete a lane change on the highway, they will do so from the right lane which will turn into “the middle lane”, once the right slow lane opens up. Lane changing from the middle lane and into the right, and visa versa, will keep the student out of the left lane, or the passing lane, and focused on tracking. The highway lesson should take 90 minutes of the total 120 minutes of their lesson. By the time the fourth lesson takes place, the student will have acquired the skills to carry over to practice sessions with their instruction at home, prior to their final lesson with The Next Street. Keep in mind that the State of Connecticut requires a minimum of 40 hours of driving practice in total before the road test takes place.

Lesson 4

The fourth lesson will be a review of everything prior but given the limited time, we generally do not go back on the highway unless it is requested. Additional lessons are often requested to concentrate on areas of weakness for the student. Students who will be taking their road test in Avon can expect the test to take about 15-20 minutes. The route will take the form of a drive in any direction for about 8-10 minutes and then back to The Next Street. The agent from the DMV may ask the student to perform any one of the back-in parking maneuvers or to perform a parallel park, perhaps a k-turn, and then back to The Next Street for a pull-in park. There are many ideal, local spots which can be used to practice back-in parking maneuvers, including St. Ann Church, the Avon Public Library, Pinegrove Elementary School, the town pool on Sycamore Road, or at the back of our parking lot adjacent to Luke’s Doughnuts.

Throughout your experience with us at The Next Street, we encourage open communication to monitor the progress and strategies for passing the road test and a safe driving experience for a lifetime.