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The Next Street's
Driving School in Stamford CT

3000 Summer Street
Stamford , CT 06905
Call: 475.299.8502

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Courses Offered

Special! - Easy As 1,2,3 Bundle $399

All Classes are being offered remotely via Zoom. Getting your license is easy as 1,2,3 with our Safe Driving Course Bundle! This bundle includes an 8 Hour Safe Driving Course, a 2 Hour Private Driving Lesson, and a License Test at The Next Street, all for one low price. Please note, License Tests at The Next Street are only available for students under the age of 22 at the time of testing.

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Full Driver Education Course $679

All classroom work will be taught remotely on Zoom. *Our Recommendation* This course includes 30 hours of time in the classroom and 8 hours of private driving lessons. In addition to fulfilling all CT state driver's ed requirements, after completing the course teen students will have a shorter wait time for their license and most insurance providers will offer a discounted rate. These classes can be started at any time and taken in any order for no additional fee. The schedules we provide are guidelines, not the rule.

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Available Upgrades

With 8 Hour Safe Driving Course

Permit Testing Services

One on One Permit Prep Tutoring: $200

Private Driving Lessons

Driving Test Prep Lesson and Mock Driving Test: $220
2 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $220
4 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $440
8 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $554

License Testing Services

License Test at The Next Street: $135
License Test at the DMV (meet us there): $199

8 Hour Students must complete a minimum of 2 hours of driving lessons with us in order to take advantage of any of our License Testing Products

With Full Driver

Permit Testing Services

One on One Permit Prep Tutoring: $200

Private Driving Lessons

Driving Test Prep Lesson and Mock Test: $170
2 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $170
12 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $1,020
32 Additional Hours of Private Driving Lessons: $2,520

License Testing Services

License Test at The Next Street: $135
License Test at the DMV (meet us there): $199

Upcoming Course Schedule

We have the most course offerings in Connecticut, with over sixty new classes starting each month. And with The Next Street, if you miss a class, you can make it up any time at any of our 70+ locations.

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During Covid-19, all classes are being held on Zoom. The location that you enroll in does not matter, you may choose any class schedule that works for you. Click here to see all of our available classes.

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The Easiest Road to Your License Starts Here.

We know what our customers care about, so we focus on being the best in the driver’s ed industry at those things. And we are locally owned and operated, so you can trust that we care about you. If you’re researching the right driving school for you, you found it here. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!


  • "Easy and Enjoyable!"

    I had a great online experience with the Next Street and was very happy I could complete driver's ed even though we couldn't have in-person classes. The staff is very helpful and shout out to Mr. Parrs who was a great, fun teacher!

    - - June 01, 2020

  • "Convenient Locations and Class Times"

    The classes were very easy and fun! The Next Street is very flexible with personal schedules. I feel that I am extremely prepared to receive my license and be a safe driver. I recommend this driving school!

    - - May 02, 2020

  • "A Very Fun Learning Experience"

    Corey DeVellis was funny and entertaining, also very smart. Made 4 hours straight of classes interesting!

    - - June 27, 2019

  • "Opal Lamb is the best teacher ever!!"

    Opal is the funniest teacher ever, and makes the classes go by fast

    - - July 05, 2019

Map & Directions

Conveniently located on Summer Street in Stamford.

Find yourself on the easiest road to your license. The Next Street is the only driving school in the Stamford area that makes learning to drive an easy and worthwhile experience. Sure, anyone can teach you how to drive - but no one can do it like us. How? We know you just want your license, so our driving school team makes things clear and simple - because the quickest road to get you anywhere is straight forward. Our driving school location on Summer Street in Stamford proudly serves teen new drivers and adult new drivers in Stamford and nearby New Canaan, Greenwich, Cos Cob and Darien CT.

We are the driver's ed provider of choice of Stamford Public Schools. We have afternoon classes at Stamford High School and Westhill High School for students. A convenient option right after school dismisses!

We are also proud to offer Driver Rehabilitation Services to any driver with varying abilities. For more information on how we can help with adaptive equipment or medical driving evaluations, visit our Driver Rehab in Stamford page.

Driving Student Testimonials

"Education and Entertainment"

5/5 Stars

The Next Street taught me a ton of stuff I didn't know about the road. Bob was a great instructor and made the class fun and entertaining. I would reccomend the 30 hour driving school to any 16 year old ready to get their license.

"Definitely Worth the Money"

5/5 Stars

The Next Street helped me a lot and enhance my knowledge of driving and being aware of all my surrounding on the road. My instructor Bob was great and made the classes interesting and fun. It's definitely worth the money!

"An Informative Program"

5/5 Stars

The Next Street Class was a informative program that taught me a lot about driving and car safety.

"Bob Was the Best!"

4/5 Stars

This class helped me a lot through the process of getting my license. I'm glad that I took the 30-hr program. Bob was the best! You guys should definitely consider taking your driving class with next street

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Our Stamford CT Driving School Curriculum

Welcome to your first driving lesson at 3000 Summer Street In Stamford! Your instructor will be waiting for you by the car in the back of the building. Remember to spread your lessons out and not schedule them all in one week. We would like you to take time and practice the skills you've learned between each lesson.

Ready for your first lesson? Great! Let's buckle up and discuss the proper way to set our seat and mirrors. We'll head out of the parking lot and take a right on to Hoover Ave. Let's drive to the end of the street and learn the proper procedure to execute a 3-point turn. You may have to do one on your test! We'll then head out to Cold Spring Road. Let's take a left and drive to Scalzi Park for some pull in parking practice. Then we'll drive through North Stamford and back down into town to get experience on different types of roads. Along the way we'll discuss scanning for hazards and using good judgement to be a safe, defensive driver.

Our second lesson will have us doing parallel parking on Hoover and Richards Ave. Don't worry! It's easier than you think! Then we'll take a ride up High Ridge Road to learn to use our mirrors and safely execute lane changes. Then let's stop into Westhill High School and learn how to back-in park.

Third lesson we take you on the highway! We'll show you the proper way to safely enter and exit a highway. Let's head up Long Ridge Road and get on the Merritt Parkway. We will drive north to Route 8, take the connector over to I-95, and south back to Stamford.

Save your fourth lesson for closer to your test date so we can review and perfect the skills you've learned. Let your instructor know where you are testing, she may have some helpful advice!

We've shown you how to be a confident, knowledgeable driver. Now go pass that license test!!!