Getting your license is a big deal, but it should never be a big hassle. At The Next Street, it is our goal to make your entire licensing process easy and stress free. With over 70 locations, we are the driving school that is most able to meet your needs for driver’s ed, whether those needs are price, finishing fast, class nearest you, or getting it done before your test date. This find a class tool will help you to sort classes by the attribute that is most important to you. Simply click the sort icon in that column, and note the search bar to help you narrow even further.

If you would like to see all of our locations on a map, check out our location search page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We offer our Class Schedules as a guideline, not a rule. Students can take class in any order, at any time, at any location. Use the class schedules as a starting point, but if for any reason you need to miss a scheduled class, you can easily make them up anywhere at any time for no additional fee.

If you need additional help finding a class, our Customer Happiness team is available to talk through your options and help you pick the program that is best for you. Happy Searching! We look forward to meeting you in class.


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