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Getting your license is a big deal, but it should never be a big hassle.

With our programs, you can:

  • Start class at any time. You do not need to wait for a class "start date" or "Session 1" to come around. Our admissions are rolling
  • Take class in any order, at any time they are offered.
  • All classes are held virtually on Zoom. You can enroll in any schedule that works for you, regardless of the location.
  • For high school students, on non-school days, you can take two class sessions in one day and finish your program even faster.
  • Your course never expires. Take your classes at the pace that makes sense for you.

If you would like to see all of our locations on a map, check out our location search page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We offer our Class Schedules as a guideline, not a rule. Students can take class in any order, at any time, at any location. Use the class schedules as a starting point, but if for any reason you need to miss a scheduled class, you can easily make them up anywhere at any time for no additional fee.

Important Note: By CT law, students under 18 can only attend ONE class on school days and TWO classes on non-school days.


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