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Full Driver’s Education Course

Includes 30 hours of live Zoom class sessions, 12 hours of private driving lessons and 6 hours of observation lessons. This course offers unparalleled, comprehensive knowledge that equips new drivers with the mastery to navigate the roads safely & courteously.  Insurance discounts are possible depending on the insurance provider. Classes may be taken in any order and additional driving lessons can be added at any time.

*Our top-rated & recommended for all new drivers!
*Does not include license testing. You’ll be able to view this as an add-on after your selection.

with additional add on options shown in checkout.

Private Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are done in 2-hour blocks and begin with the basics so that the instructor can develop a good understanding of each student’s experience, skill, knowledge and confidence. As lessons progress, the instructor will make sure that each core skill is learned before building upon it. Lessons will cover accelerating, braking, turning and parking maneuvers before graduating to lane choice, speed management, urban and rural driving, driving on hills, highway driving.

$90 per hour

Actual price depends on bundle or quantity:  discounts calculated during enrollment process.

License Test at The Next Street

Avoid the crowd & RMV headaches. Relax & test with us! Use our car, at our location, with a TNS test host on hand to answer any last-minute questions and calm nerves. We handle all of the paperwork ahead of time and the RMV agent comes to our location to evaluate students.



*Cost does not include RMV Fees.

**Students must complete at least a 2-hour driving lesson with us to be eligible to test at our locations.

Meet at RMV License Test 

Our testing specialist will find & schedule the soonest test date available at a select RMV Hub location. We meet the student at the RMV, students use our vehicle and have a Safe Driving Professional on hand to answer any last-minute test day questions.



*Cost does not include RMV Fees.

**Students must complete at least a 2-hour driving lesson with us to be eligible to test in our car.

Massachusetts Upcoming Course Schedule

*Start your enrollment now to view all upcoming schedules and offerings available.

Below is a summary of our upcoming class availability. Full classroom schedule details are available during the Online Enrollment process. 

MA - Classroom Schedules

Driving Lesson Schedules displayed here are not a guarantee of availability after enrollment, as students are booking in real time. We add new lesson inventory every week.

Current Students can see live schedule availability and book lessons by logging in to the Student Portal. 

MA - Driving Lessons

License test appointments at our select locations are released to us by the RMV on a month-by-month basis. You may purchase a license test during enrollment or anytime after in the student portal. Once you have completed all of your requirements and are eligible to test, please contact us to schedule your license test appointment at The Next Street. 

*Students must complete all required classroom and driving lessons before you are able to schedule you test appointment.*

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Our Difference

01 —

We offer unparalleled schedule flexibility. We have the largest variety of schedule offerings in the most time slots, every day of the week.

02 —

We offer convenient official pickup and drop-off locations so that you don’t have to go far to get your driving lessons in. And we’re growing!

03 — AFFORDABLE PRICES & PAYMENT PLANS With a superior experience, we also work to keep our costs and prices down and our program affordable to all.

04 —

What is the easiest way to get your license? Be an incredible driver. Our team is dedicated to delivering engaging and effective programs. We take pride in our students’ success helping them achieve their goals. 

05 —

This isn’t your father’s driving school. With online enrollment, a 24/7 self-service student portal, a robust library of online safe driving resources, synchronous virtual classes and an in-lesson tablet that allows for real time feedback from your instructor.

06 —

We go the extra mile. Our cars boast 5-star safety ratings and are monitored by GPS for speed and location. Our instructors are trained in creating a safe environment in the car. Through empathy, humanity and compassion we prioritize the safety of our staff and our customers above all else.