The One Day 8 Hour Safe Driving Course for Adults

We get it. You're taking this class because you have to. However, that doesn't mean it has to be awful. We have built a one-day 8 Hour Safe Driving class that fulfills all Connecticut requirements for a license and finishes in (you guessed it!) one day. These are mostly offered on the weekends, and run from 9am to 5:30pm, with a half hour break for lunch. During the 8 hours, our professional classroom instructors will engage the class in a fun day (we aren't just saying that; it's actually fun) of classroom training that will help adults pass their driving test on the first try.

Finishing in one day is just one more way we make it easy to get your license. But, if you'd rather get a root canal than sit in a driver's ed class for 8 hours, we also offer 2-day and 4-day options.

Due to state regulations, this course is only available for students 18 and older. Teen students are not permitted to complete the course in one day. (We don't write the laws; we just follow them).

Locations with the One Day 8 Hour

The One Day 8 Hour Safe Driving Course is available at least once per month in the following Next Street classrooms:

Hamden (on the New Haven line)
Wolcott (on the Waterbury line)
Shelton (on the Bridgeport line)

To see schedules, prices and to enroll, click on the classroom nearest to you, and get started on the easiest road to your license. If you just want the soonest one day class, use our Class Search Tool, and sort by Duration.

Driving Lessons and License Tests

The 8 Hour Safe Driving Course is an 8-hour classroom program that focuses on the theory of driving. If you'd like to practice that theory with a driving professional, consider adding Private Driving Lessons to your enrollment. These one on one lessons will help you with those pesky parking maneuvers, get you on the highway, or work with you on the nuances of your license test. For more information on driving lessons at The Next Street, click here.

We also offer License Testing Services to our students. Use our familiar car that is guaranteed to pass the DMV Vehicle Inspection, and get access to our entire team of License Testing Specialists. We'll set you up for success on your first attempt at passing your driving test. For more information on our license testing offerings, click here.