Supply Update: We have select lesson slots available as early as this week. Peak time lessons are still booking out 6-8 weeks in select locations. We are continuing to add staff that meet and exceed our high standards of service and education and hope to be fully staffed by year end. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Next Street makes enrollment easy and flexible. Choose a way to enroll that works best for you:

Please note: Driving lessons are booking out between 8-12 weeks in some locations. We are working to add more availability as soon as possible.

Enroll Online

Easy enrollment is just a click away. Enroll through our online portal to get started.

Getting your driver’s license is exciting. It should be stress-free. That’s why at The Next Street, you get on the road faster—on your own terms and at your own budget. When you enroll, you get:


Flexible Schedules

All classes are held virtually on Zoom! You can take classes in any order, at any location, and at any time. We want your classes to fit your needs and to give you the ability to easily reschedule missed classes, with no additional fees. The Next Street also has rolling admissions, so you can start learning whenever you’re ready! For high school students, you can even double-up on classes to finish faster during the summer.



Affordable Prices and Flexible Payment Plans

Paying for driving school should never keep you from reaching your goals, and it’s The Next Street’s mission to provide you with a variety of options to make everything affordable. Find classes that fit your budget and, if needed, create a payment plan that works for you. The team at The Next Street will make sure you get on the road without breaking the bank.



Convenient Locations in Your Back Yard

All of our classes are offered virtually on Zoom. You don’t have to go far to find a class. Courses don’t expire, so you can move at a pace that works for you. The Next Street features over 80 driving school locations throughout Connecticut, so that even the busiest new driver can get a quality education right in their backyard.


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