Supply Update: We have select lesson slots available as early as this week. Peak time lessons are still booking out 6-8 weeks in select locations. We are continuing to add staff that meet and exceed our high standards of service and education and hope to be fully staffed by year end. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


This all-inclusive program is the best way to form a foundation of safe driving skills in a new driver that will stay with them forever. The bundle includes 30 hours of time in the classroom instruction and 8 hours of private driving lessons.

  • All classes are held virtually on Zoom.
  • Classes can be taken in any order at any time they are offered.
  • We offer all 15 sessions every week day, so you can create any schedule that works for you.
  • Our curriculum fulfills the state required parent class and drug & alcohol program, and then goes above and beyond.

These classroom sessions work hand-in-hand with our Private Driving Lessons, where students are challenged to apply what they learn in the classroom in real world situations. The lessons are always one-on-one in our dual-controlled Driver’s Education specific cars. We will challenge the students’ abilities so that they are comfortable and confident when they get behind the wheel on their own. The Next Street is the easiest road to your license.

*Please note: you must COMPLETE all classroom coursework and 8 hours of driving in order to be eligible to test in 120 days from the date the permit was issued.
Important Note: By CT law, students under 18 can only attend ONE class on school days and TWO classes on non-school days.



Starting at $679

Benefits Our Recommendation for All New Drivers
Overview Thorough, Advanced, Worth It
Fulfills State Requirements
Classroom Hours 30
Included Behind the Wheel Lessons 8 Hours
Insurance Discount Up to 20% Until You Turn 25 Years Old - Depends on your insurance carrier. Call them to confirm!
Completion Time 8 Weeks During School Year
2 Weeks During Summer Break
Teens Must Hold Permit For 120 Days
Adults Must Hold Permit For 90 Days