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We Make the 8 Hour Requirement Fun and Easy

Welcome to The Next Street, the Best Driving School in CT. We have multiple 8 Hour Safe Driving Courses running each month so you can fit driver's ed into even the busiest of schedules. All classes are held virtually on Zoom. Students can pick any schedule that works for them regardless of the location, and complete the requirement on Zoom.

Find the Class Schedule That works for you

We put a special focus on the areas that matter the most to you:

  • The most flexible schedules and the most class offerings. Finish the class in one day, two days, or four days. Take class in any order, at any time they are offered, for no additional fee. All classes are held virtually on Zoom with an outstanding live instructor.
  • The most affordable prices. We keep our prices low, and for the more expensive items, we offer flexible payment plans to make it even more accessible.
  • Dedicated Customer Service. We care about you and will show you at every step along the way.
  • We make it enjoyable. The required 8 hour course shouldn't be a prison sentence, so we work hard to make sure the time you spend with us makes you a better driver, and is enjoyable.

This course fulfills all of the education requirements to get a Driver's License in CT. This course does not include any private driving lessons. Private driving lessons may be added to this course at the time of enrollment, or at any time before your license test. Driving lessons pickup and dropoff from any of our 80+ locations spread around the State of CT. Download the 8 hr course syllabus below to see what this course covers:


Teen 8 hour course syllabus




Benefits Minimum State Requirement
Overview Fast, Cheap, Basic
Fulfills State Requirements
Classroom Hours 8
Included Behind the Wheel Lessons None, but can be added at any time
Insurance Discount None
Completion Time We offer one 8-hour session, two 4-hour sessions or four 2-hour sessions
Teens Must Hold Permit For 180 Days
Adults Must Hold Permit For 90 Days


Other Class Offering

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