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8 Hour Safe Driving Courses for $135? Noooo....YES!

All 8 Hour Safe Driving Courses are $135. Every course. Every location. Every age. Every time it's offered. Enroll online or over the phone. No Discount Code Needed! We believe in making the licensing process easy and stress free, so we made it easy to enroll in our Summer of Savings. Ready? Let's drive.

Find An 8 Hour Safe Driving Course

8 Hour Course FAQs

How long does it take to finish the 8 Hour Course?
Our 8 Hour Courses are held in one day, two day, or four day classes, so you can finish at your own pace. Unfortunately, our One Day 8 Hour Course options are only available for adults 18 years or older, but our two day class option can be finished in just one weekend and are available for all ages! Click Here for Schedules.

Where are your 8 Hour Courses offered?
We hold our 8 Hour Safe Driving Courses in all of our locations. Click here to find the location nearest you.

When do your classes run?
Often. We have weekend, weekday evening and weekday morning classes every week. Click here for a list of schedules.

When should we enroll?
Our Summer Savings sale will end on June 3rd, so don't wait! Enroll now!

Can I purchase driving lessons with an 8 Hour Course?
Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. Our private driving lessons work hand-in-hand with the classroom instruction to help prepare you to pass your license test on the first try.

Do you offer license testing services?
We sure do! Click here to view our License Testing Services.

How do we skip classes?
Just don't come! You can schedule makeups for any class you missed, or any class you know you can't make, in our Student Portal. You will get a username and password as soon as you enroll.

Do I have to schedule the makeups, or can I just show up?
We strongly recommend scheduling ahead of time so we can make sure we have enough seats for everyone. But it is not required.