Classroom Policies

  1. Please arrive on time. Late students will not be admitted into class, and will have to make it up in order to receive a completion certificate.
  2. Students must sign in to each class. We cannot give credit without a student’s signature.
  3. Texting and cell phone use are not permitted during class.

Driving Lesson Policies

  1. If you need to cancel a road lesson we ask that you call our central office (860.631.4292) at least 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule you and give our instructor a heads up! Less than 24 hours notice will result in a fee of $80. Please be sure to cancel Driving Lessons via phone, as an email or voicemail may not be received as quickly.
  2. Any Driving Lesson scheduled for Mondays must be cancelled by Saturday at noon.
  3. Students must have their learner’s permit on them for every Driving Lesson. Students that arrive without their permit will not be able to drive and will be subject to our $80 rescheduling fee.
  4. Open toed or open heeled shoes are not permitted. Sorry!
  5. For the safety of our customers and employees, training, and quality assurance purposes, all Behind The Wheel lessons and Road Tests conducted in The Next Street Vehicles may be video and audio recorded. These recordings are retained in accordance with public records laws.

Inclement Weather

  1. Full Program. When a class is cancelled due to weather, that class will be added to the end of the course. For example, if lesson 6 is cancelled it will be added to the end of the program, after lesson 15. This will fall in line with the days of the week the course is run (M/W, T/TH, Su, etc.). You will automatically be enrolled in this make up class. If this date does not work for your schedule, you can reschedule anytime through your Go Ahead Center, or over the phone during office hours at 860.631.4292.
  2. Safe Driving Course. When a class is cancelled due to weather, that class will not be automatically added to the end of the course. You will need to schedule a new makeup class online through your Go Ahead Center, or over the phone during office hours at 860.631.4292.
  3. Driving Lessons will not be automatically rescheduled. You can book a new drive time at your earliest convenience through your Go Ahead Center, or over the phone during office hours at 860.631.4292.
  4. If you have a License Test scheduled, you will be notified via phone should it be cancelled, and our License Testing Team will get you scheduled for another date.
  5. All classes and driving lessons must be completed at least 10 days prior to your scheduled test date. If inclement weather pushes your class past your test date, please call our Customer Happiness Center immediately at 860.631.4292.

License Test Policies

  1. All students wishing to test with us must complete at least 2 hours of Driving Lessons 10 or more days prior to the test date.
  2. License Tests must be cancelled 72 hours in advance so we can notify the DMV. Less than 72 hours notice will result in forfeiture of your testing fee.
  3. Paperwork must be in at least 2 weeks prior to your test date.

Completion Certificate

  1. When you have finished all of your classroom hours, any behind the wheel training you purchased and your balance is paid in full we will mail you your State of Connecticut Completion Certificate to the address we have on file. You should expect to receive it within two weeks of your last class or driving lesson.
  2. If you misplace your Completion Certificate there is a $25 fee for a duplicate.


  1. You must pay for what you use. If you attend one class or the class start date has passed, you will need to pay for the entire course. This is because you have held a seat that another student could have used. Sorry!
  2. Unused products may be transferred to a sibling. Unused classes may only be transferred if the start date has not passed.
  3. Unfortunately, we are charged for credit card payments and refunds. Because of that, all refunds are subject to a maximum of 10% service fee.
  4. Purchases must be made within one year to be eligible for a refund.

Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions

Gift Certificates can be bought for any denomination and may be applied toward any of our offerings, including:

Gift Certificates do not expire and are transferable. They will be e-mailed to you immediately after purchase. Please note, all gift certificates are final sale and are non-refundable.