Affordable Driver's Education

Driving School prices can be complicated. It is our goal to provide you the most value that we possibly can while keeping our prices affordable. While

learning to drive is valuable in and of itself, we also recognize that many of our customers are simply doing this because Connecticut requires you to do so.

The cheapest option is our 8 Hour Safe Driving Course. The Driving School price for this course is $149, however, we are able to offer this at a lower price in select locations. If you simply want to take the cheapest course, check out our class search tool and sort by price.

The Full Driver Education Course is a little more complicated, because it includes Private Driving Lessons. This added product includes a number of variables based on the city or town in Connecticut where we are holding classes (such as rent, gas prices, insurance rates and staff wages). For this reason, you will find different driving school prices in our different driving school locations. When we calculate our price for the Full Driver Education Course, we simply take all of our costs in the market, add them up, and add our low profit margin to it.

If you have a financial need, we can work out payment plans on a case by case basis. Please call our Customer Happiness Center and speak to a representative regarding your needs. We will do our best to accommodate each family's individual financial circumstances.

Specials and Discounts

We pride ourself on keeping our Driving School prices competitive at all times, and as such, very rarely run price discounts or specials. However, there are rare special occasions where we have discounts running. They will always be published on our Price Specials Page.

We do offer some standing price specials that are always running: