Ready? Let's Drive.

The school year is mayhem, so summer is the perfect time to get your license. And at The Next Street, we make it easy. You might have camp and vacations planned. Here's the deal: come when you can.

All of our classroom sessions are held online via Zoom with a live driving instructor. We offer Summer Accelerated Classes that allow you to finish the classroom portion of your driver's education in only two weeks. We also have our normal twice per week evening schedule, weekend offerings and 8 hour classes for adults and teens. No matter which you pick, our pre-planned schedules are a guideline, not a rule. If you miss a class or two or ten, No Problem! You can make up any class at any time it is offered. They do not need to be taken in order.

What about driving lessons? We run from 7am until 10pm, Monday through Sunday. And we have license tests running every weekday, all summer long. There is no better driving school to help you get your license this summer.

Discover yourself on the easiest road to getting your license with The Next Street.

Summer Accelerated Course Guidelines & Info:

  • For all teens (16-17), you can not take more than 4 hours of Driver's Education (2 classes / 1 class + 1 driving less a day per the DMV regulations) during the summer. Once summer is over, and school is in session, you can only take 1 classroom per day and 1 driving lesson per day.
  • Adults (18+) can take up to 8 hours of Driver's Education per day no matter the time of year.
  • For all students you cannot take more than 1 driving lesson per day.
  • If you need makeup sessions, you will need to schedule them for classes outside of your normal accelerated schedule. This will result in different times, zoom links, and instructors. Check your portal for the correct information. Makeup classes in the summer can be hard to find - we recommend sticking to your schedule as much as possible.
  • Driving lessons are scheduled separately outside of classroom hours by you in the student portal.
  • License testing is not included in the bundle.
  • Program completion is not guaranteed by the end of August (Program=classroom sessions AND driving lessons)

Summer FAQ

Do you offer 8 Hour Classes in the Summer?
Sure do! In all of our Next Street locations. We have one day, two day and four day classes running all summer, and starting every weekend around Connecticut. Click Here for Schedules

When do your classes run?
The accelerated classes all run from 9am to 1:30pm or 5:00pm to 9:30pm, Monday through Thursday. We have our traditional afternoon and evening schedules that run 2 times per week for 8 weeks, 8 hour classes in one day, two days and four days, and a variety of weekend schedule offerings. Click here for a list of schedules.

When should we enroll?
Our accelerated classes are especially popular and often sell out by June 30th. We recommend picking your course by the start of June so that you can have your pick of the appointments. Peak driving lesson appointment blocks will often book out 8-10 weeks in the summer months.

What if I can't make a class?

If you can't make one of your accelerated class sessions or all of your sessions on a particular day, you can make them up. However, makeup classes will be a regular paced class session (2 hour standalone class). We caution against missing classes if you can avoid it as makeups in the summer can become difficult to find due to the increased volume of enrollments. You can schedule makeups for any class you missed, or any class you know you can't make, in our Student Portal. You will get a username and password as soon as you enroll. In order to receive the accurate class links, you must pre-schedule, you cannot just show up to classes. If you need help rescheduling a class, please call 860-631-4292.

When can i book my driving lessons, and how long will it take to complete them?

As soon as you have your permit, you can start booking your driving lessons. Your driving lesson schedule is subject to availability. Our lessons typically book out 8-12 weeks or longer in summer (Sorry, it's crazy busy here one school is out!) Students typically try to space their lessons throughout their eligibility period in order to practice the driving skills learned at each lesson (120 days from date of permit issue for 16 & 17 year olds that complete a full 30 hours of coursework = one 2 hour lesson per month)

Will I complete my entire Accelerated Program by the time school starts?

As long as you don't have to cancel and reschedule a lot of classes, getting classroom sessions completed should be no problem. It is not a guarantee that you will complete your entire program (30 hours of classroom AND 8 hours of driving lessons) before the summer ends. All scheduling is subject. to availability and is first come first served. If you're under 18 and have completed a full driver's ed program, you're eligible to test 120 days from the day that you got your permit. Per DMV regulations, you must complete all classroom sessions and driving lessons purchased at least 5 days before your test date.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do! You can purchase your full course program and any additional products (like a license test) with a flexible payment plan offered by PayPal. For more info on payment plans, click here.