Supply Update: We have select lesson slots available as early as this week. Peak time lessons are still booking out 6-8 weeks in select locations. We are continuing to add staff that meet and exceed our high standards of service and education and hope to be fully staffed by year end. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


All High School Programs Suspended

Due to the widespread and longterm closure of schools around the State, we have suspended all of our ongoing High School Programs indefinitely. We have also closed our future high school programs to new enrollments. If you had driving lessons scheduled at a High School location, we have automatically moved them to the nearest Next Street location. However, if you would prefer not to attend lessons at this time, you are welcome to cancel them. All cancellation fees are being waived at this time.

When schools resume, we will resume our ongoing classes where they left off and will complete them prior to the end of the school year. You are welcome to schedule makeups into classes at our Next Street locations, or welcome to wait and rejoin classes when they resume.

At this time, it is unclear if we will be able to reschedule spring classes at the high schools. We welcome students that have already enrolled to begin their program now at one of our Next Street locations (as long as you are at least 16 years old) or we can join a summer program at The Next Street or available high school summer programs.

At this time, the future is unknown. However, we will make sure that we have ample supply of classes and lessons following a return to normalcy after health risks subside.