We appreciate your patience as we work through reopening challenges. We are prioritizing existing students for lessons and tests. Currently, there is a 3-4 month wait for lessons and 5 month wait for driving tests for new enrollments. We plan on adding more schedule availability for lessons and tests each week. If you are not in need of immediate service, it would help us a ton if you wait to call into our call center until after July 15th. We promise we are getting to everyone, but it is taking us some time to catch up with a limited, remote staff. Click here for all information on Driver's Ed during Covid-19.

We Are Open During Covid-19, but Need Your Help to Keep Our Staff and Students Health & Safe.

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More Students Around Fairfield County Choose The Next Street Because It's Easy. Really. Easy.

Getting your license doesn't have to be boring, or inconvenient – as long as you have the right driving instructors. The Next Street makes scheduling classes flexible and learning to drive fun – a Nexperience like no other. We have 18 locations around Fairfield County, making it even easier for new drivers in the area to get their license. Check out the difference between us and Fresh Green Light below.


The Next Street

  • 8-Hour Safe Driving: $99
  • Full Program: $649

  • 8-Hour Safe Driving: Starting at $150
  • Full Program: Starting at $799

Class Availability

The Next Street

  • Monday - Thursday
  • Saturday & Sunday
  • Afternoon, evening and weekend options
  • Morning options throughout summer

  • Monday - Thursday
  • Saturday or Sunday
  • Evenings and Weekends
  • Morning and Afternoon Options throughout the summer

License Test Availability

The Next Street

Avoid the DMV by testing at one of our 15 testing locations (offering over 25 test date options each month) or we can bring you to the DMV in our car. Test appointments available in 2-4 weeks.

Test at one of Fresh Green Light's five locations. They advertise running out of slots quickly, so book early!


The Next Street

  • 70+ locations across Connecticut
  • 18locations in Fairfield County.
  • Provider of choice for many Fairfield County High Schools!

5 Fairfield County Locations

Permit Test Prep

The Next Street

Free eBook and Practice Tests available on website

$35 Test Guide Available

Schedule Flexibility

The Next Street

  • Take classes in any order
  • Take classes in any of 70+ locations
  • Schedule make-up classes and driving lessons 24/7 on our online, mobile friendly student portal.

  • Take classes in any order at any location
  • Schedule make-up classes and driving lessons 24/7 on their online, mobile friendly student portal.

Customer Service

The Next Street

Full Service, CT based call center, open Monday through Saturday, to help with all Driver's Ed Needs. Or Self-Service 24/7 with our Online Student Portal. And our instruction team can help with any service needs. Simply put: we have the most outstanding team in the business.

Contact Fresh Green Light to gauge their service levels.

Behind the Wheel Lessons

The Next Street

4 2-hour appointments. We pickup and dropoff from our local classrooms or any area high school. For safety reasons and to keep our prices low, we do not offer home pickups.

6 80 minute appointmets. Offers home pickup and dropoff with restrictions, terms and conditions.

Ready to get your license?

Free Downloadable Resources

Getting your license is a big deal. It doesn't need to be a big hassle. The first step to getting your CT License is getting your learner's permit. Though driving school will help you ace your test, you don't have to wait to take class to schedule and prepare for your test. We put together a simple resources that will walk you through each step.

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Someone from our Customer Happiness Team will be in touch within one business day. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 800.732.8090.

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