We appreciate your patience as we work through reopening challenges. We are prioritizing existing students for lessons and tests. Currently, there is a 3-4 month wait for lessons and 5 month wait for driving tests for new enrollments. We plan on adding more schedule availability for lessons and tests each week. If you are not in need of immediate service, it would help us a ton if you wait to call into our call center until after July 15th. We promise we are getting to everyone, but it is taking us some time to catch up with a limited, remote staff. Click here for all information on Driver's Ed during Covid-19.

We Are Open During Covid-19, but Need Your Help to Keep Our Staff and Students Health & Safe.

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The Next Street's Teen Influencer Program is an opportunity to earn a FREE Driver's Ed Course at any one of our locations. Selected teens will become brand ambassadors and be asked to complete various tasks to help raise our brand awareness. Aside from our own self-promotion, the program also gives students a chance to learn about marketing in the modern era. We want students that are creative and willing to share their ideas with us, and in turn reward them with a free program at the best driving school in CT!

To apply, just fill out the form below. We'll contact you if you've been selected. Good luck!