9/29/2023, 12:42 PM: Due to service disruptions in the area, our internet and phone systems are currently down and will not be resolved until the evening. Our call center will be closed as of 1 PM and will reopen tomorrow (Saturday 9/30) at 8 AM. You can still make changes to your account via the Student Portal. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

We've compiled all of our most helpful info in one spot to make it easy to find the information you're looking for!

  • If you're looking for a sooner test date or driving lesson, please click below to add your name to our waitlists.
  • As we add more appointments times, our waitlisted students will receive exclusive access to these spots before they are released.
  • If you are testing at the DMV in less than 7 days and do not have a copy of your completion certificate (e-DEC) in your student portal under the "FILES" tab, fill out our Emergency e-DEC request form to fast track your completion certificate.

Please Note: Any paper CS1’s issued after 7/26/2021 will no longer be accepted by the DMV. Starting 7/19/2021, Electronic Driver Education Certificates will automatically be uploaded to the student portal under the "FILES" tab within 5-7 days of completion of ALL purchased lessons, classes, signatures and quizzes for classes taken on zoom. In our efforts to go green, e-Decs are no longer printed. The DMV agent will review your digital certificate on your phone. Testing in under 7 days and need your e-DEC rushed or a partial e-DEC? GO HERE.

*PS - check the student portal for any outstanding quizzes, signatures or driving lessons if your e-DEC is not in your student portal files section and your classroom time was completed over 7 days ago.