All classes are being taught remotely by a live instructor on Zoom. Multiple class sessions are held multiple times per day. Zoom links will be sent via email and text message prior to each class session.

Zoom trouble? Email to get help ASAP. Please only use this for Zoom related issues.



Sign Up For Your Class

Choose the program schedule that works for you. Remember, you can take class at any time in any order.


Download Zoom on Your Device

Download Zoom and create an account. The app can be installed on any device, but a laptop may be the easiest.

To Enroll

We have new class offerings for our 8 Hour Safe Driving and Full Driver Educations Courses. To enroll in a course, we recommend you find a course nearest to your home location. In the event we are able to return to in-person classes, we will move the remote schedules back to our classroom locations.

Once Enrolled

Once enrolled, our students are welcome to take class in any order at any time they’re offered. You can simply login to your Student Portal account and click makeup for any class session to see all of the alternative days and times.

• Adult students can take up to four hours of class per day.

• During the summer, teen students are permitted to take up to four hours of class per day.

• While school is in session, teen students can take two hours of class per day.


Students must be present in the Zoom classroom for the full 2 hours. You must login to Zoom with your real and full name in the participant list. Following class, you will be required to take and pass a 10 question quiz and sign that you were present for the full 2 hours. The quiz and signature will be available in your student portal account within one business day of the completion of class.

If you are having any trouble enrolling or scheduling makeups, contact our helpful Customer Support Team. They’ll be happy to get you all set up with everything you need for remote learning.

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