Great news! The DMV is working hard to create more availability for license tests. We now have license testing appointments at The Next Street as early as this week! Login to your Student Portal now and get your license test scheduled.

License Testing at The Next Street

Masks are required to be worn during license tests.

All existing students have been rescheduled for a license test date at The Next Street. The Student Portal is now open for students to get self-service for all things testing, including purchasing, scheduling and rescheduling your license test. We are actively working with the DMV to add more license test availability.

Some of our students have their license test scheduled before their final driving lesson(s). This is acceptable and you are still eligible to test before your lessons are complete. We will complete the lessons after you pass your test and work on the areas of driving where you are least comfortable.

Following your license test with us, you will be issued a temporary license by the DMV. You will no longer be required to go to the DMV Branch to get your license. Instead, you will have full driving privileges after you pass your test. Your physical license will arrive in the mail 7-10 business days after your test.

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