9/29/2023, 12:42 PM: Due to service disruptions in the area, our internet and phone systems are currently down and will not be resolved until the evening. Our call center will be closed as of 1 PM and will reopen tomorrow (Saturday 9/30) at 8 AM. You can still make changes to your account via the Student Portal. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

We understand how important getting a driver's license is for our students. We know that everyone wants to get their license as fast as possible. Please take a moment to look over our protocols for Behind the Wheel lessons prior to your next appointment.

Driving Lesson Health & Safety Requirements

  • Please Note: As of July 11, 2022, we have removed our mask mandate. They are now optional and to the instructor & student's discretion. If someone (instructor or student) requests a mask, both people in the vehicle must wear one.With the increase in new Covid cases across the state, we are reinstating our mask mandate. Students and instructors must wear a mask for the duration of your lessons. Windows must remain cracked open, regardless of the weather.
  • Please DO NOT attend a lesson or test if you feel sick, have symptoms, have tested positive or have had known contact with someone that has tested positive. If you are at risk, please notify us as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to get your appointment rescheduled within two weeks of the cancelled lesson or test.
  • Following each lesson, our staff will follow a strict set of protocols and submit a signed checklist. These items include:
    • Checking the vehicle Sanitation Box to ensure ample supply.
    • Wiping down all surfaces - steering wheel, inner and outer door handles, gearshift, emergency brake, wipers, turn signals, mirrors, window controls, dashboard and any other controls.

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