The Next Street knows how important getting a driver's license is to our students. We are fully open and operating as normal. We are now fully staffed and have normal wait times for lesson and test appointments with availability as soon as this week!

All classes are held with a live virtual instructor on Zoom. We offer over 40 class sessions every day, giving students the ability to take class at any time, in any order on any schedule that works for you. Click Here to see the full list of upcoming driver's ed classes.

Please Note: Masks are required for all driving lesson and license test appointments, regardless of vaccine status. Students and instructors must wear a mask for the duration of your lessons. Windows must remain cracked open, regardless of weather.

Safety & Sanitation Requirements

We Are Open and Booking Driving Lessons & License Tests!

We are fully staffed and have lessons and tests available this week. Unfortunately, appointments may be effected by callouts due to Covid-19 exposure. If your test or lesson must be cancelled, we will work to find you a replacement within one week. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Health & Safety Requirements

Zoom Class Expectations

Because we recognize that learning on Zoom is different from the traditional classroom environment, we have developed the following requirements for our digital classrooms, to help you maximize your driver's ed experience,

  1. Legal Names on Zoom account: Please make sure that your full legal name as spelled on your learner’s permit, appears on your zoom account. If you have a nickname you prefer to be called, you can add it after a dash after your legal name. Ex: James Smith - Jim.
  2. Cameras On: During class time, your camera must be on and pointed towards you on a stable/steady surface. Please do not point your camera at the ceiling or other areas in your room. (If you have technological limitations and are unable to comply with this requirement, please notify your instructor via a private chat message on Zoom.)
  3. Sit up and take notes: Please come ready to learn. You should be seated upright, in a quiet location, where you can remain focused and present for the duration of the class. We highly recommend that you use a physical notebook and take notes by hand. Research shows that this supports learning and recall.
  4. Attendance and punctuality. Show up and be on time. You must be fully present for the entire duration of the class in order to get credit for the class. Scheduled breaks will be given. Attendance will be taken at the start of the session, after break, and once more at the end of class as a sign off.
  5. Avoid digital multitasking. We understand the pull to do other things while in a Zoom meeting, like scrolling on your phone, playing games or checking your DMs. However, we challenge you to focus on the class materials in the same way you will have to focus (without distraction) while driving.

We will do our part! We continue to research digital delivery of education and are constantly making improvements to our class. Our instructors will keep the classes fun and engaging so that it is easy for you to remain present and focused.

In-Vehicle Protocol

  • With the increase in new Covid cases across the state, we are reinstating our mask mandate. Students and instructors must wear a mask for the duration of your lessons. Windows must remain cracked open, regardless of the weather.
  • Please DO NOT attend a lesson or test if you feel sick, have symptoms, have tested positive or have had known contact with someone that has tested positive. If you are at risk, please notify us as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to get your appointment rescheduled within two weeks of the cancelled lesson or test.

Our Cleaning Procedures

  • Following each lesson, our staff will follow a strict set of protocols and submit a signed checklist. These items include:
    • Checking the car's Sanitation Box to ensure ample supply.
    • Wiping down all surfaces - steering wheel, inner and outer door handles, gearshift, emergency brake, wipers, turn signals, mirrors, window controls, dashboard and any other controls.
  • All of our staff have been trained and certified in disinfecting protocols.

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