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Driving With Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Next Street is pleased to offer programs and resources to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD has a wide range of abilities and challenges. For this reason, we have a variety of services to offer and will work with our students and their families to choose the best path for their individual needs.

Join one of our free information sessions, offered monthly at our classrooms all over Connecticut.

Clinical Driving Assessment

If you aren't sure if you are ready for driving, or if driving is the right path for you, we recommend starting with a Clinical Driving Assessment, completed by a Certified Driving Rehab Specialist. The Clinical Assessment will assure each student is capable of safely getting behind the wheel to learn to drive. It will determine what therapies (if any) are needed to prepare the student to get behind the wheel and will make training recommendations for the future. A Clinical Assessment is 90-120 minutes and can be completed in home or in one of our classroom locations around Connecticut. Learn More

One on One Permit Prep Tutoring

All new drivers, regardless of age and ability, need a Learner's Permit to practice driving. The Learner's Permit is a 25-question multiple choice test that is offered at the DMV Branches around CT. Some people need help with the test content. Others with test anxiety need help with test taking skills. In our 2-hour, one on one program, we will help you with the skills you need to pass on the first try. We will go through a number of practice tests and make sure that you understand the answers as well as how the questions are written (they can be weird). We will also go over what to expect at the DMV on test day and will prepare you for the possible distractions and hiccups. When you leave the session, you will have the driving knowledge and the test taking skills you need to walk in confidently and walk out with your learner's permit. Learn More

Check out our blog entry on Driving with ASD to learn more about how Autism Spectrum Disorder effects driving abilities.

Driver's Education

Regardless of your age, we recommend the Full Driver Education Program for our ASD Students. This education program is a more robust classroom experience and includes 8 Hours of Private Driving Lessons. If you are willing to share your learning style needs with your instructor, they will alter their programs to make sure you are able to grasp all of the driving concepts both in class and behind the wheel. You can simply enroll in any of our programs offered at any of our locations around the State. With our program, you can move at the pace that works for you. The program never expires, and we encourage you to jump in and out of classes as your time and energy allows. Find a Class

One on One Classroom Learning

If you would prefer a personalized classroom program, we can offer private classes. This will be a one-on-one session in one of our classrooms with you and our Licensed Driving Instructor. The One on One sessions are $75 per hour. To learn more or to set up one on one training, please call us at (860) 631-4292