We appreciate your patience as we work through reopening challenges. We are prioritizing existing students for lessons and tests. Currently, there is a 3-4 month wait for lessons and 5 month wait for driving tests for new enrollments. We plan on adding more schedule availability for lessons and tests each week. If you are not in need of immediate service, it would help us a ton if you wait to call into our call center until after July 15th. We promise we are getting to everyone, but it is taking us some time to catch up with a limited, remote staff. Click here for all information on Driver's Ed during Covid-19.

We Are Open During Covid-19, but Need Your Help to Keep Our Staff and Students Health & Safe.

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Driving with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Free Webinars hosted by Andrew Arboe

For the average person, learning to drive can be both an intimidating and a liberating experience. This can be even more true for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder, as our friend, Andrew Arboe, can attest to. Andrew is a graduate of The Next Street, a licensed driver, an active autism advocate, and Event Facilitator for Planning Across The Spectrum.

The Next Street and Planning Across the Spectrum are proud to host two free, interactive webinars, one geared towards parents and young adults with ASD and one for school administrators and special education teachers. Your presenter, Andrew Arboe, will share his experience with going from not wanting to drive at all to being an expert behind the wheel. He will cover motivation, parent and school involvement, the permit test, driver's ed, the license test and driving on your own.

There is no cost for admission to either of the presentations. We encourage parents and teens/young adults who may have questions about the possibilities of driving with autism to attend the Driving with Autism Spectrum Disorder presentation on Thursday, July 23rd at 6:30pm. Another presentation for school administrators and special education teachers, called Driving Skills as Part of a High School ASD Student's IEP, will be held on Friday, July 17th at 1:00pm. Both presentations will be hosted live on Zoom.

To learn more about the upcoming events or to register for a presentation, click a date below:

Driving Skills as Part of a High School ASD Student’s IEP

JULY 17, 2020 - 1:00PM

Driving with Autism Spectrum Disorder

JULY 23, 2020 - 6:30PM