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Driver's Education for All

At The Next Street, we believe that every student should have the ability to learn to drive in a comfortable, healthy environment. We have the unique ability to work with any and all students, regardless of cognitive, visual or physical abilities. We offer a number of program adaptations to assist with attention deficits, vehicle equipment needs, hearing impairment and any other differing ability that may alter the way that you learn to drive. Aside from these accommodations, the most important thing is to communicate your needs with your instructor. Our entire team is highly trained in personalizing your driver education experience. We will be happy to make the accomodations that you need to get the most out of your program.

Driving with Autism Spectrum Disorder

We are proud to offer a Driving with ASD program for our customers that are on the Autism Spectrum. This program is a personalized approach to driver's ed. We work with each customer to determine the best path forward, and are proud to offer Clinical Driving Evaluations with an Occupational Therapist, One on One Test Prep Tutoring, One on One classroom training sessions and reduced duration for classes and drives. Check out our Driving With ASD Website for more information on our offerings and to sign up for a free information session.

Individual Attention

If your learning style requires more one on one time with an instructor, we can set up private one on one class sessions, or invite you to chat with our instructors for 5-10 minutes following class to make sure you achieved full competency of the course material. Our instructors are all trained on how to personalize their programs and will make sure that you are getting the attention you need in the class environment.

Duration of Sessions

Our class and driving lesson sessions are all scheduled as 2 and 4-hour sessions. We recognize this can be a long time for some of our students to sit still. While it is possible to reduce session durations to 1-hour, we STRONGLY advise against it. It truly takes us 2-hours to properly assess and train in a behind the wheel setting, and the class environment works best in 2-hour increments. However, we can certainly build in breaks and welcome our students to get out of their seat to walk around. Be sure to talk openly with your instructor and they will work with you to make your time with us comfortable and focused.

Hearing Impaired Services

We offer ASL Certified signing services for our customers that are hearing impaired. We offer a sign language translator for no charge for the 8 Hour Safe Driving Course. ASL Certified sign services can be provided for the Full Driver Education program for a $50 per hour fee. We can also schedule your driving lessons with an ASL Certified Driving Instructor. You can contact us with a TTY phone system, or can e-mail help@thenextstreet.com to have a conversation about our options and get your program scheduled.

Adaptive Driving Equipment

The Next Street offers driving evaluations and lessons in our adaptive van. This van allows our customers to drive in a wheelchair, transfer from their wheelchair, utilize hand controls, change the steering effort, add a left foot accelerator, add pedal extenders or a variety of other adaptations to fit your specific needs. We can also offer support in navigating the DMV Medical Unit and the BRS Testing Unit to help you get easily through your license test. The best place to start for Adaptive Equipment is with our Driver Rehabilitation team. Visit the Driver Rehab Site.