9/29/2023, 12:42 PM: Due to service disruptions in the area, our internet and phone systems are currently down and will not be resolved until the evening. Our call center will be closed as of 1 PM and will reopen tomorrow (Saturday 9/30) at 8 AM. You can still make changes to your account via the Student Portal. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Getting your license is a big deal, but it should never be a big hassle. At The Next Street, we make it easy! Here's How:

  • Start anytime. New classes start daily, all sessions are offered every day. We offer over 30 class sessions each day, in time slots that work for you!
  • Take class in any order, at any time they are offered. All classes are held virtually on Zoom with an outstanding live instructor.
  • Your will have 2 years to complete your course. Your completion certificate, once issued, will never expire.
  • 8 Hour Classes are offered in one 8-hour day (adults only), two 4-hour days or four 2-hour days.
  • Driving Lessons are held at over 60 convenient locations around CT. No matter where you live, there are lessons in your backyard. If you would like to see all of our driving lesson locations on a map, check out our location search page.


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